Guernsey Jersey and Isle of Man ISO 3166-1 Codes

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Mon Apr 3 19:48:39 CEST 2006

Yes, Luc, it is off-topic for most lists today - sadly, I speak as one
who (having seen the confusion caused by attempts to 'internationalize'
MARC by main force into an ISO standard and the time it took some of us
to remove some of MARC's worst errors from that ISO standard)felt she
had to take a stand against basing ISO 693-3 on the religously-based
Ethnologue list and ISO 639-2 on the politically-based Library of
Congres list, and who paid a cruel price for doing so - now wondering
what will be the cost to so many more of us of trying to fix, in turn,
their inherent, inherited flaws.:-(

Scríobh Luc Pardon:
> John,
>     I'd love to elaborate on this as I think it would be interesting, if
> only because I might learn quite a few things. But isn't it off-topic
> for this list?
>     Luc Pardon
>     Belgium

Scríobh John Cowan cowan at
> ...
> > True enough, but for better or worse it's about to become the ISO 693-3
> > standard for such matters, as the U.S. Library of Congress's list of
> > useful languages and language groups for bibliographic purposes became
> > the ISO 639-2 standard.  It's not perfect, but it's the best available
> > balance between accuracy and comprehensiveness.
> >
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