Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sun Apr 2 02:55:44 CEST 2006

Debbie Garside wrote:
> But the $64,000 question is... would it have happened if this
> group had a liaison officer with ISO 3166 ;-)

The CS disaster ?  Many folks including the IAB Chair thought
that it was wrong, she wrote an open letter about it to the
3166 MA.  It was about a years later that I finally understood
that they are simply forced to recycle alpha-2 region codes at
some point in time.  Five years or fifty doesn't change this.

BTW, _that_ would be an address for the liaison issue, ask the
IAB Chair, she can arrange such things.  IIRC there is already
a liaison between 3166 and one of IAB / IANA / ICANN, so maybe
we'd only have to convince that person to read this list.  Bye

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