Petition to the IESG for a PR-action against Jefsey Morfin posted

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Fri Sep 30 08:10:46 CEST 2005

I have now finished my work on a petition explaining to the IESG why I 
think Jefsey Morfin should be banned from posting on the IETF list under 
RFC 3683.

It's time to figure out whether there are more people who agree with me and 
the other signatories on this.

Please read the petition, and if you agree, sign it.

Petition: <>

The online version includes references to sample postings by Jefsey.
Main body of text reproduced below.

This message will be posted to the IETF list, the ietf-languages list and 
the LTRU mailing list. Please keep discussion on the IETF list.

                Jefsey Morfin PR-Action Petition

   Last modified: September 28, 2005

   This message is a request to the IESG to consider
   approving a PR-action, as per RFC 3683, barring the
   person known as Jean-Francois Charles Morfin
   ("Jefsey"), an individual known to be posting from the
   addresses jefsey at, rd at,
   info at, info at,
   info at and jefsey at, from the
   IETF mailing list, and giving blanket permission to any
   manager of any IETF mailing list to bar him from
   posting there, as per the RFC.

Disruptive behaviour

   Based on the public record of Jefsey's postings, we
   believe that Jefsey Morfin is engaging in disruptive
   behaviour that has caused considerable damage to the
   ability of the IETF to proceed speedily and with
   consensus in the working groups in which he has

   In particular, his postings exhibit:
     * Use of inflammatory language towards others [1]
     * Misquoting and misrepresenting of other people's
       arguments [2]
     * Refusal to stop pursuing an argument in the face of
       consensus against him [3]
     * Misrepresentation of non-IETF organizations [4]
     * Personal attacks and use of threatening language
       against people who disagree with him, using
       attributes such as language, nationality or
       employer [5]
     * Postings that seem to serve no purpose apart from
       inciting negative reaction [6]
     * Very limited ability to contribute anything with
       actual technical content to the discussion

   Effects of this behaviour is to make other people
   either angry enough to post further inflammatory emails
   to the lists (disrupting constructive discussion) or to
   cause participants with valuable insight to drop out of
   the conversation (reducing the input to the IETF
   process), or to refuse to consider contributing work on
   documents in WGs where Jefsey is active (making it
   harder to get work done).

Previous chastisement history

   A number of people have tried explaining to Jefsey why
   his behaviour is inappropriate. No change in behaviour
   has occured. [A]

   To the petitioners' knowledge, his posting rights to
   IETF mailing lists have been suspended three times -
   once to the LTRU WG's mailing list [B], and twice to
   the ietf-languages mailing list [C][D].

   These suspensions have produced no change in behaviour.


   We, the undersigned, believe that the material
   presented above provides a clear case that Jefsey
   Morfin is being "abusive of the consensus-driven
   process", as required by RFC 3683, and therefore ask
   that the IESG undertake a PR-action against Jefsey

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