[Ltru] Tagging of silent films

Luc Pardon lucp at skopos.be
Thu Sep 29 08:59:29 CEST 2005

> Peter Constable wrote:
>> So we could potentially have two versions of the same film -- one
>> that is "Silent-audio/French-text" and one that is
>> "Silent-audio/English-text.")
> So, it seems to me that 'audio = "no linguistic content" / text =
> "French"' and 'audio = "no linguistic content" / text = "English"
> would be appropriate metadata for this scenario.

   For a hearing person, maybe. But "not audible" is not the same as "no
content". If an actor is mouthing, the content is definitely there. As
Karen pointed out, a lip reader may be able to pick it up just fine.
Stretching your reasoning I could say that "audio=no linguistic content"
is appropriate metadata for a Chinese movie because I don't understand a
word of Chinese <g>.

   In fact, I'd suggest something like
"silent-English-audio/French-text", if only because it would help
lipreaders in activating the appropriate "language module". You could
even argue that the "silent" part is somewhat equivalent to the script
subtag for written documents.

   Luc Pardon

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