Registration of el-Latn language tag

John.Cowan jcowan at
Wed Sep 28 16:22:04 CEST 2005

Luc Pardon scripsit:

>   Of course this applies not just to Greek. I have been thinking that
> it's a pity that RFC3033bis doesn't address this issue explicitly. A
> "transliteration ruleset used" subtag, underneath the script subtag,
> would have been solved the problem - in theory. Not that I see how that
> would be practical or possible, given such an open-ended set of TL/TS
> methods.  Maybe it could be handled with a registry that requires the
> requester to provide a "public domained" computer algorithm that
> describes the mapping and/or working, open-sourced computer code. Easier
> said than done. And I suppose it's off-topic for this list anyway.

Indeed, if such a registry were to be created and have a fair degree of
acceptance (and if its tags met RFC 1766/3066/3066bis lexical rules), then
it would be straightforward to create a "t" extension to RFC 3066bis
allowing such things as "el-t-nl-normal".

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