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> Unilingua was invented by a French author, Noubar Agopoff, in 1965.
> Apparently he was just as serious in his effort as Dr. Zamenhof,
> not as successful.  This is not a hobbyist endeavor, like so many of
> "conlangs" found on Langmaker and other Internet sites.
> Any reason why this should *not* be a candidate for registration,
> under ISO/DIS 639-3 or, failing that, under RFC 3066 or its proposed
> successor? 

If there's some body of literature and a user community requiring
support for the language in IT infrastructures, I think it would be a
candidate for ISO 639-3. But I'm not inclined to think we need to go out
scouring the world for these. If and when a community arises with a
need, I'm sure they'll come asking.

Peter Constable

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