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Wed Sep 14 17:19:31 CEST 2005

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> We can and should adopt such tags as they are requested.  The evidence
> that we are not buried in such requests.  Since the creation of RFC
> ten and a half years ago, we have adopted only 92 tags (and rejected
> undetermined, but small, number), mostly in batches.

I might note that there are communities of users that have had need for
vastly more tags than are available today, and there are some of us who
could have submitted large numbers of registration requests but have
held back on the assumption that the standards and specifications
involved could evolve in a manner that wouldn't require large numbers of
registrations. Some of the changes in 3066bis are one part of that
evolution, and like many others I hope it is completed quickly.
Development of ISO 639-3 is another part of that evolution, and users
needing those tags have waited patiently with the assumption that a
3066ter would appear to incorporate that standard. For my part, I hope
that *that* revision is completed in a *much* shorter time that 3066bis
has taken.

Peter Constable

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