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Doug Ewell dewell at
Sun Oct 23 06:24:52 CEST 2005

John.Cowan <jcowan at reutershealth dot com> wrote:

>> She, or someone at Sony, has identified the content as "Scottish
>> English" -- whatever that means in particular (spoken accent,
>> vocabulary, usage, etc.) -- and that should be that.  Our job is to
>> help her determine the most appropriate tag for the content thus
>> identified, or create one if necessary.
> That rather overstates the case.  If someone comes to us (or another
> authority) holding a novel by Latife Tekin and saying "How do I tag
> this as Greek, 'gre' or 'ell'?", then the most appropriate answer is
> not "The proper RFC 3066 tag for Greek is 'el'"; the most useful
> answer is "No no no!  That novel is in Turkish!"

Well, no, if we have some reason to believe that Karen's original
problem statement:

"I have a film here that has an original language of heavily accented
Scottish English."

is fundamentally incorrect, as we would in John's example, then we
should pursue that issue.

Do we have some sort of evidence that this film is not really in
Scottish English, and that Karen or Sony has misidentified it, or are we
just grasping at straws?

Doug Ewell
Fullerton, California

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