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Thu Oct 20 22:57:06 CEST 2005

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 04:25:30PM -0400, John.Cowan wrote:
> Mark Crispin scripsit:
> > I wish that I understood what a "country" was in the minds of 
> > BSI/UNSD/ISO.  My layman's interpretation of a "country" (an independent 
> > nation) is clearly not what they use, as recent examples demonstrate.
> Note that ISO doesn't have an independent opinion: it tracks UNSD exactly.
> UNSD does make final determinations, but it is very strongly influenced
> by the recommendations of the various governments around the world.

Hmm, could subdivisions of a nation be used to specify a dialect of a

In the USA there are a number of states, and there are well-known
abbreviations for the states. The same in Canada, for its provinces.
India and China and Brasil and Germany and Switzerland and probably many
more have such subdivisions of their nation. Great Britain too.
I even think there is an ISO 3166 part for such subdivisions, but I am
not sure of the part number, nor whether the standard has been finalized.

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