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I can choose stop calling it Gaelic, but I deal with works from sources 
outside Sony Pictures where the language is identified as "Gaelic" and 
refers to Irish. I am not the person who inputs this language data into 
the systems and the many people who do are generally not language experts. 
I need to consider usability, not purist terminology. If I call it Irish, 
I can guarantee that Irish content will be classified as Scottish Gaelic. 
My dictionaries all indicate that Gaelic is a term that refers to Irish or 
Scottish language so I can't exactly tell other content providers they are 
wrong -- I can only tell them they are not precise. 

I am not in any way suggesting that ISO should change the name of Irish to 
Gaelic (Irish). 

Karen Broome

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Scríobh Karen_Broome at
> ...
> While "Irish" may be a more common English-language term for Gaelic...

It is not. Irish is just Irish (stop calling it anything else and the
problem is solved).


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