Variant subtag: clarification briefly sought.

John Clews scripts20 at
Wed Oct 5 19:02:21 CEST 2005

Hi John [Cowan]

Just making the point that I had asked one question backwards: I had written:

>> Is there a default
>> el-Latn
>> which therefore has certain characteristics which
>> el-Latn-[variant]
>> does not have?

to which you replied:

> Formally speaking, no.  In practice, probably also "no" in this case,
> because there are so many formal and informal ways of writing Greek in the
> Latin script, with none particularly dominant.

What I should have asked was

>> Does
>> el-Latn-[variant]
>> have certain characteristics which
>> el-Latn
>> does not have?

I had thought from the previous emails that there was a subtag called
-[variant] but it appears that this

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