Frisian problems (was: New language subtags)

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Mon Nov 14 17:52:58 CET 2005

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> I think this problem is a classic example of the general principle
that you
> can't tell what the details of another standard will be until it's
> final...

Well, in this particular case, there's been a bunch of confusion due to
having very incomplete information about what the ISO 639 JAC is in
process of changing, which is more than just addition of frr for
Northern Frisian. We're also adding frs for Eastern Frisian, and
changing the entries for fy and fry from "Frisian" to "Western Frisian".
These other two changes haven't been announced yet since for each there
is still one JAC member that hasn't yet balloted.

There will be a concomitant change in the initial published table for
ISO 639-3 to change the name for fry and change its scope from a
macrolanguage to an individual language.

Peter Constable

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