zh-****-** tags

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Sun Mar 20 03:14:27 CET 2005

Peter Constable wrote:

> Chinese is not directly related to Macau and Hong Kong?

Exactly, like Rome is not the same as VA.  If you'd need two
or three variants of Provencal you wouln't (ab)use AD or MC
to identify these differences in _registered_ RfC 3066 tags.

Maybe you're tempted to use AD and MC for this purpose under
the draft rules.  But so far it's only a draft, it doesn't
justify to register numerous ab-cdef-CC tags under the 3066

> Who's trying to register all theoretical permutations?

Certainly not me, I don't ask for de-LI-1901, de-LI-1996, etc.

> They would not be considered "grandfathered".

If LTRU decides to use language-CC-script-variant for "better"
3066-compatibility any language-script-CC is grandfathered.

Not that I want this, I'd prefer to shift the CC to the right
or better to get rid of it if the proposed order is changed.

The important point is, it's a draft, anything is possible.
All we know for sure is that draft 8 failed in a "last call".

                        Bye, Frank

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