zh-****-** tags

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Sun Mar 20 03:28:25 CET 2005

Doug Ewell wrote:

> it seems presumptuous to dismiss the distinction as
> "artificial."

Yes, it's a guess based on other regions like MC, SM, VA, GL.
I'm obviously no language expert, and it's possible that tags
like iu-Cans-GL and iu-Cans-CA are perfect even under the old
RfC 3066 rules.

But for regions like HK, MC, MO, or SM I'd like to be convinced
that it 1 - really exists, and 2 - has something to do with the
region, and that it's not a case like "let's use SM if what we
mean is northern Italy".
                          Bye, Frank

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