zh-****-** tags

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Fri Mar 18 08:38:51 CET 2005

Michael Everson wrote:

 [2 * (CN / HK / MO / SG / TW)]
> In other words, shall these be approved?

I tried to find something about this issue on the page
but apparently there's nothing.  You have an expert for
SG on this list, maybe he can answer it.

HK and MO belong to CN, it makes no sense to abuse these
region codes in 3066 tags.  If there really is something
like zh-Hant-MO or zh-Hans-HK, then why not use a proper
name for it, which is not _apparently_ restricted to MO
or HK ?  Are these tag requests serious, or an obscure
political manoeuvre ?  It's also not the same style as
in en-GB-oed etc., why zh-hanZ-XY instead of zh-XY-hanZ ?

BTW, the IANA registry still shows 2003-07-09 as the date
of its last update.  IIRC you did approve new tags this
year (2005).  I asked for an update of i-klingon, that's
also not yet visible in the IANA directory.

                        Bye, Frank

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