OT: JFC's response to Peter and Doug

JFC (Jefsey) Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Thu Mar 17 20:24:01 CET 2005

Dear Addison,
As indicated I fully agree that this debate should be on WG-LTRU. I have 
however a problem with a swicth because you only commented (and kept in the 
mail) the introduction where I just repeated the nature of my 
desriptions.So the part  where I respond the question you ask (difference 
with your position) is missing.

So here what I will do: I will explain the mail in a header, I will attach 
that part and will comment to respond your question and I will send it as a 
new threat on WG-ltru. Is that OK?

You will excuse me, but I have a familly meeting tonight. I will do this 
tonight or tomorrow morning. Just this: I fully agree that initial 
differences are minor. It would be very strange it would be otherwise! This 
is why the tuning should be easy. But what counts to me is the part you did 
not comment.

Please do not comment before I run my home work on this so we keep 
continuing clearly. Just say if you disagree with the switch to wg-ltru.
Thank you.

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