RFC 3683 [Re: Status of zh-* proposals]

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at alvestrand.no
Thu Mar 10 20:49:05 CET 2005

RFC 3683 is IETF-wide, and has to be invoked by the IESG.
I'm (as of yesterday) no longer a member of that body, but someone 
requesting action under RFC 3683 should send a message to iesg at ietf.org.

Another possibility is to invoke RFC 3934, which is pointed at the working 
group level, and claim that for non-WG mailing lists, the administrator 
listed on <https://datatracker.ietf.org/public/nwg_list.cgi> (me) should be 
able to invoke the same procedure as the one listed in RFC 3934.

Please address a request for action appropriately.

NOTE: I'm going on holiday soon after the IETF, and staying on holiday 
until May 8 - while I'll be in email contact, I'm not likely to take quick 
action or participate in much discussion!


--On 10. mars 2005 17:10 +0000 John Clews <scripts20 at uk2.net> wrote:

> "Mark Crispin" <MRC at CAC.Washington.EDU>
>> I respectfully suggest to the membership of this list that RFC 3683 be
>> considered.
> I agree - overdue before, and definitely time now.
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