Peter Constable petercon at
Mon Mar 7 21:46:08 CET 2005

> From: John Cowan [mailto:jcowan at]

> Of course not.  But asking IANA to register such a thing in advance of
> evidence is contrary to the RFC 3066 spirit.  Time enough to register
> mn-Mong-CN and mn-Mong-MN when someone actually needs them for
> information objects.

It's much easier to say that when you're responsible for preparing
documents, where what you do in a document today doesn't negatively
impact or isn't negatively impacted by what you do in a document next
year. It's a different situation for a platform vendor: if we supply one
data value today and next year change it to a different value, we may
have just broken thousands of software implementations. That is why I am
prone to say if there's a chance we might need to provide it someday
then we should start providing it now.

Peter Constable

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