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At 05:31 +0100 2005-03-06, JFC (Jefsey) Morfin wrote:

>Dear Michael,
>I did not want to say this on the public list, but I do not think it 
>is a good idea for this list and for the IANA to ask James Seng to 
>talk on behalf of China. Nor to register Microsoft as the Referent 
>of the Chinese languages in the IANA tables. I even feel both are 
>highly inapropriate.

I am not interested in your extremist views. IANA asks nothing of 
James Seng. I suggest to Peter and Mark that they bring him in on it 
because he is an expert in IDN whose opinion we trust.

>I gave you the list of the ccTLD Managers for the countries IBM and 
>Microsoft want to be the Referent of the language. I can only repeat 
>my strong advise that you contact their ccTLD Managers first, as the 
>IESG registration adviser for the IANA language tag registry. By 
>courtesy and out of respect for their national sovereignty and for 
>the authority as the trustee of their local communities.

I have no intention of fulfilling my role in any way other than it is 
specified in the RFC.
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