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> I am afraid you are discussing a gray area. The Internet content comes
> text. All the issues discussed here are text related.

Incorrect. Issues discussed on this list relate to registration of tags
"for the identification of languages" -- that is, tags to be used as
metadata elements to declare the linguistic properties of content in
Internet and other protocols and applications. There is nothing stated
anywhere that these tags necessarily apply only to text content.

> Obviously today text
> is only part of language support and the ecosystem is multilingual,
> multimedia, multimode, multitechnology, multi-etc. I say that  this
> Registry is able to answer that need. This is not the way this list
> its own charter and not the charter of the WG-ltru, which are to add
> only, meaning restricting RFC 3066 to only one medium.

Incorrect. The charter of the LTRU working group is (among other things)
to prepare a revision of RFC 3066, a revision which allows for
distinctions in written form, but which in no way limits the
applicability of tags to textual content only.

I would advise any newcomers not to be misled or confused by Mr.
Morfin's comments.

Peter Constable

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