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JFC (Jefsey) Morfin jefsey at
Wed Jun 15 02:58:58 CEST 2005

At 01:48 15/06/2005, Karen_Broome at wrote:
>Well-formed XML uses the xml:lang attribute to specify the content
>language, not a <language> tag, though that would work in an informal use.
>I was speaking of the formal use for which RFC 3066 is prescribed.

Dear Karen,
I am afraid you are discussing a gray area. The Internet content comes from 
text. All the issues discussed here are text related. Obviously today text 
is only part of language support and the ecosystem is multilingual, 
multimedia, multimode, multitechnology, multi-etc. I say that  this 
Registry is able to answer that need. This is not the way this list sees 
its own charter and not the charter of the WG-ltru, which are to add script 
only, meaning restricting RFC 3066 to only one medium. This is not our only 
need: we need to stay fully in tune with the ISO standards which want to be 
multilingual, multimedia, multimode, multitechnology and with the ISO 
registry scheme for scalability and conflict containment.

This is why we will build a consistent extended Language Identidication 
Scheme in using x-tags. Outside of the IANA registry to comply with the 
ICANN experimentation criteria (ICP-3) we adhere to. This mailing list is 
the only one I know to discuss RFC 3066 applications, So, I will continue 
documenting this project in here, since would mean a 
kind of split/balkanisation, none wants to risk.

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