I approve the registration of es-419 (Latin American Spanish)

Tex Texin tex at xencraft.com
Mon Jun 13 23:37:26 CEST 2005

I think Mark is right to wait the period to see if an objection crops

(To the list not necessarily just Michael)
Are there dictionaries or glossaries that are recommended for es-419?
How do I know when I conform to es-419?

I did  a search and there are lots of titles with L.A. Spanish, but many
were not talking about an acceptable terminology that can be used
everywhere in L.A. as much as more general info on Spanish.


Michael Everson wrote:
> At 13:59 -0700 2005-06-13, Mark Davis wrote:
> >I am personally in favor of this proposal, but formally 2 weeks have to pass
> >to allow for objections according to RFC3066.
> I consider this a follow-on from the es-americas request which was
> for the *same* entity. There is no reason to wait 2 weeks on this
> one. So unless you REALLY have an objection I see no reason not to
> approve it immediately. I detect strong consensus *for* this tag.
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