tags for written or spoken content, was Swiss german, spoken

Tex Texin tex at xencraft.com
Sun Jun 12 02:44:26 CEST 2005

Michael Everson wrote:

> The tags with we are concerned assume some sort of orthography.

Well, the tendency has been to associate tags with writing since so much
of computer content is written, and so it is mostly written material
that software developers tag.

However, rfc 3066 says: 

"The language tag always defines a language as spoken (or written,
signed or otherwise signaled) by human beings for communication of
information to other human beings."

so orthography is not a requirement and in fact, this tendency to
(incorrectly I believe) presume writing, is one of the reasons I
objected to "script" being placed between language and region in
3066bis. As we tag more multimedia, the emphasis on writing is falsely
placed. Unless we want to have a separate tagging system for audio...


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