Latin American Spanish

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The reviewer is inclined to approve this tag.

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>Name of requester          : Karen Broome
>E-mail address of requester: karen_broome at
>Tag to be registered       : es-419
>English name of language   : Latin American Spanish
>Native name of language : Español Latinoamericano
>Reference to published description of the language (book or article) :
>Lipski, John M.  1994.  Latin American Spanish. Addison Wesley Publishing
>Martin, Patrice.  2005. "The Quest for El Dorado: A Single Spanish for
>All." Multilingual Computing & Technology. Vol. 12, No. 6
>Any other relevant information :
>It is a common business practice to localize content into a neutral
>version of Latin American Spanish to serve all or most Spanish-speaking
>regions in Latin America. This code is intended to identify this neutral
>variant of Latin American Spanish and distinguish it from Castilian found
>in Europe.
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