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Sat Jun 11 03:37:26 CEST 2005

Karen_Broome at scripsit:

> We do not like the idea of using non-compliant tagging for work of this 
> scope. This work is not Sony-Pictures-specific. It relates to the 
> entertainment industry as a whole, where the differences between dialects 
> are important and must be encoded in a standards-compliant way. We need 
> this metadata to distinguish both dubbing and subtitle tracks.

Unfortunately, we are in a cleft stick as far as "gsw" is concerned:
we *cannot* register it, not merely that we don't want to.  The *only*
authority that can do so at this point is the U.S. Library of Congress
in its role as ISO 639-2/RA.  In order to meet their requirements,
there must exist at least 50 documents in the language, held in no
more than five institutions (that is, there can be additional institutions
holding more documents, but it is not satisfactory if ten institutions hold
only five documents each).  Documents can include sound recordings, films,
and electronic media of all sorts.

If you can meet this requirement, fill out the form at .

The alternative is simply to go ahead and use the not-yet-standard
tagging and assume that ISO 639 will catch up with you (as is very likely).

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