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Latin American Spanish is in a similar boat. Once 3066bis passes (which is
looking quite likely these days), then there is a mechanism for doing that,
so ideally we'd wait until then.


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> >Tag to be registered       : gsw
> This is not an RFC 3066 tag.


Of course it's not -- yet. That's why she's asking for it to be
registered: so it can be one.

Technically, there's a problem here in relation to 3066. (Sorry, Karen,
for not thinking of this before.) An RFC 3066 tag of the form 3alpha
must be in ISO 639-2. "gsw" is in ISO/DIS 639-3, but not ISO 639-2.

Of course, Karen's problem is that she needs a tag for this now, she'd
like to use something that conforms to the RFC rather than just using
something regardless, but she also wants something that conforms with
what we anticipate will be best practice with a new RFC expected in the
near future. Thus, her options are:

1) start using "gsw" anticipating that it will be valid before long
under a revised RFC (after 639-3 is published), and be non-conformant
until then

2) request a tag like i-gsw so she can be conformant now, and then turn
around in a couple of months and asking for it to be deprecated and
revise her implementations

3) request a tag like i-gsw now with the assumption that we'll all be
saddled long term with this - i.e. one more grandfathered special case
in 3066bis

4) request gsw, hoping that people will be willing to bend the rules of
3066 by accepting it in anticipation of a future revision

Both 2 and 3 are undesirable because of the impact with anticipated
changes in 3066bis. Option 4 isn't permitted by 3066, though I wish that
wasn't the case. The first option is the only one that's permitted and
not undesireable for the community overall, though I wish we didn't have
to leave Karen and MPAA with no better alternative (though it would only
be temporary).

Peter Constable
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