I approve the registration of es-419 (Latin American Spanish)

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 6 23:42:47 CEST 2005

> From: Karen_Broome at spe.sony.com [mailto:Karen_Broome at spe.sony.com]

> I guess my bigger question is why was the additional text
> with errors in it was appended to a registration with my name on it
> without asking me?

The process of revising without notifying you should not have happened.

I don't know if this was Michael's motivation, but a reason for
including the text is that on one of the prior occasions in which a
request for a tag for Latin American Spanish was discussed there were
requests for information to be added to the form providing
implementation guidance. Given those past requests, I think additions
along that line are reasonable. But you should have been informed.

> > *Of course, systems can also be implemented to offer this tag as a
> > user-preference option, and a server should deliver content labelled
> > with this tag when requested for the same.
> This would seem to contradict the not-intended-for statement made
> <KAREN>Again, in 99.875% of cases, a user should not see a language
tag as
> a localization preference option. But yes, I agree.</KAREN>

That sentence wasn't intended to imply anything about what is actually
presented in a UI. It is the *option* corresponding to that tag that is
presented; *how* in a UI it is presented is a separate issue.

Peter Constable

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