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At 00:19 28/01/2005, Peter Constable wrote:
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> > I tried to find documentation on the definition and on the designation
> > process of Language Registrar. Can someone help me finding where they
> > documented?
>Read RFC 3066.

I found nothing about Registrar (word does not exist there). I found 
nothing about his designation process. The duration of his term. His 
duties. The procedure of appeal, etc. A Registrar is a IANA/ICANN function 
to manage a Registry, ie with the capacity to register. What is documented 
in the RFC 3066 is a "reviewer" with a capacity to not register. That 
Reviewer is also not documented, except as designated by the Applications 
Area Director what rise many problems since there are two of them.

This function was of low importance as long as registrationswere not 
mandatory. It will be a key or even "the" key IANA function, as appeals and 
conflicts will most probably rise on language regsitrations with powerful 
and decided interest being at stake (cf. .PL/MINC issue), should the Draft 
be accepted as a BCP. My question is therefore very important.


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