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Thu Jan 27 09:56:03 CET 2005

At 08:41 +0000 2005-01-27, David Clarke wrote:
>>I don't think England as a country is included in ISO 3166, which 
>>I'm not that happy about since "English English" is a valid 
>>construction, and it means you can only have a "UK" pan, which has 
>>been made synonymous with Great Britain, which ignores Northern 
>Strange, my passport's cover includes the words : United Kingdom of 
>Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
>That suggests UK includes GB and Northern Ireland.

Which has little to do with the varieties of English spoken on either 
island (never mind the jurisdictions).... Apart from the spelling.

By the way, I find that Canadian spelling is closest to if not 
identical to Oxford spelling.
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