Language X within scope of language Y

JFC (Jefsey) Morfin jefsey at
Thu Jan 20 17:02:27 CET 2005

At 13:36 20/01/2005, L.Gillam wrote:
>[With tongue planted somewhere in cheek]

don't gulp at the response or you may be hurt !

>How does one register, get consensual agreement on, and become allowed to 
>use Peter Constable?
>Can Peter Constable only be used for tagging content, or does he have a 
>broader scope, and does he get a say in this?

Never thought that THIS list is authoritative on nothing else than its own 

This is what I concede leaving you the choice of the default value. So, 
"fr-Latn-US-ietf_language_style-ietf_language at" is something 
you say you want to default to fr-Latn-US (if I read through the off topic 
responses). If it pleases you so much to be the lingustic center of the 
world, there is no problem with that. But your delivery (the attached 
content) will have to be very appealing if you want it to be widely used.

> > "fr-Latn-US-ietf_language_style-Peter_Constable"

is something you need the OK of Peter to register. If he wants to give you 
authority on him. But frankly why would he want to register it with you ?

HA's Troll

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