Language X within scope of language Y

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Thu Jan 20 06:48:14 CET 2005

Apologies for my very rusty French. I will not be writing these expressions with any regularity, so I don't think I need to learn any complex tagging scheme needed to describe them. :-)

Peter Constable

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> On 02:26 20/01/005, Peter Constable said:
> >"bête noir"
> Good for me, but this is "fr-Latn-US-ietf_language_style-Peter_Constable".
> "fr" is "bête noire".
> I understand it, my parser would not.
> >"un bon idée"
> ditto. "fr" is "une bonne idée".
> IMHO this does not prevent Peter to use that spelling and wording outside
> of a linguistic laboratory. Actually he just did it. He will be understood
> by normal people.
> HA's Troll

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