language tag structure

JFC (Jefsey) Morfin jefsey at
Mon Jan 17 18:35:02 CET 2005

At 17:05 17/01/2005, Jon Hanna wrote:

>I want to indicate the way the text is written - like in
> > "handwriting".
>How about indicating whether the handwriting is done by someone in a good
>mood or not, and whether they're taking pains or scribbling quickly. After
>all I'm sure someone needs it!

Probably less than knowing if the writer had one paint or two, Harp or 
Guinness, etc.

Teasing apart: banking and security control. PDAs, morphing, languages with 
no printed scripts. optical reading, etc. But here I was referring to my 
use of "ing" in my "scripting" usage, when trying to convey an added value 
in copying the word "handwriting". Peter Constable understood it well.

Now, your teasing, reminds me a discussion in 1984 about the compared 
merits of the dumb X.121 ISO scheme - with its permitted 32 digits - and 
the brilliant IPv4 4 digits addressing schemes. No one would ever need more 
than 4 digits numbers organized in blocks so well !!!  32 hexa are 128 
bits. Which make the /128 IPv6 block.

After all I'm someone needs it, actually I am sure someone needs much more 
today: something named openness and innovation capacity.

Anyway, I therefore take that you have no addition and no compatibility 
problem. Accepted. Thank you.

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