Use of "CS" for 'Serbia and Montenegro'

Peter Constable petercon at
Wed Jan 12 06:35:22 CET 2005

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> 1. the language-tag "sr-CS" fully conforms with the generative
>    mechanisms in RFC 3066
> 2. RFC 3066 gives explicit rules regarding interpretation of
>    both primary and second subtags in such a case
> what makes you think that an RFC 3066 conforming language-tag
> parser would even bother looking in the IANA registry for
> "sr-CS" (which matches the generative mechanisms)?

I don't. I assume that a parser needs to work when it's not connected to
the net, and I don't assume that parsers need to have a clue what the
string means. 

I do assume, however, that at some point users have a part in assigning
tags to particular content, that at some point developers will associate
certain known-valid tags with particular UI strings. And in those
situations, having this tag registered can and would serve to clarify
what this particular tag is and is not intended to be used for.

Peter Constable

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