Use of "CS" for 'Serbia and Montenegro'

Peter Constable petercon at
Fri Jan 7 20:51:58 CET 2005

For the past year and a half we have been living with ambiguity
regarding the status of "CS" for use in language tags. It can be argued
that RFC 3066 does not provide an unambiguous judgment since "CS" has
been defined in ISO 3166-1 at one time to mean 'Czechoslovakia' and only
more recently as 'Serbia and Montenegro'. On the other hand, it has been
pointed out that anyone looking to versions of ISO 3166-1 that are
readily available today - the online version maintained by the MA with
the current interpretation - will find only the latter interpretation.


Bruce Lilly also identified cases on the Internet in which "CS" is being
used for 'Serbia and Montenegro'.


As a result, the authors of RFC3066bis and Doug Ewell - maintaining the
designate data for the proposed new registry - have concluded that "CS"
should be accepted as meaning 'Serbia and Montenegro", and the preferred
subtag to be used to indicate that semantic.


Of course, they are not in a position to determine on their own what
language tags are recommended for use in RFC 3066 contexts with what
semantics; that is the function of the registration process, involving
review by this list.


Of course, this is an exceptional case; "sr-CS" is of a form that
doesn't require registration.


What do people think here? Do we need an RFC 3066 registration at this
time for "sr-CS" (assuming everyone is agreeable with that semantic for
"CS") that clarifies what this tag means, or is it sufficient simply to
ask whether there are any dissenting views about treating "CS" as having
that meaning?





Peter Constable



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