draft-phillips-langtags-08, process, sp ecifications, "stability", and extensions

John Cowan jcowan at reutershealth.com
Thu Jan 6 21:50:10 CET 2005

Dave Singer scripsit:

> as has been beautifully pointed out on the list, that is a view that 
> is lingo-centric.  If what I am trying to differentiate is the price 
> (and the currency of the price) of an item, the country may be much 
> more important than the script that the price is written in.  (this 
> is also an example for the last point below).

Using the language-tag to retrieve the country implicitly referenced
in the content is far more unreliable than prefix-matching.  Just
because this document is written in en-US doesn't mean I can't
refer to the price of some consumer device as 200,000 yen.

> I repeat, I don't 
> think truncation -- and hence prefix-matching -- is very stable or 
> nearly universally applicable enough to be mentioned.

It's there to clarify the rule already given in RFC 3066.

> Whereas I do 
> believe compatibility of ordering with 3066 is important.

RFC 3066 already supports tags that don't fit.

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