Celtic Macrolanguages in ISO 639-3?

Elizabeth J. Pyatt ejp10 at psu.edu
Wed Jan 5 15:13:12 CET 2005

>  See the editor's draft of ISO 639-3 at http://tinyurl.com/6kky2 ...

Since I was away from e-mail for a few weeks, this may not be 
relevant, but I did want to comment on whether some Celtic language 
codes should be designated as a "macrolanguage" or not. Specifically

Breton linguists distinguish a KLT  ("standard") Breton from 
Vannetais/Gwened Breton which can be different. The name Breton 
("br") could be a macrocode for these two varities.

Similarly, Irish differs significantly from Gaeltacht to Gaeltacht 
(native speaker regions). Tex's list already has "ga-GB", presumably 
for Donegal Irish vs. "ga-IE" which is probably standard/Connemara 
Irish. In addition, there is a Munster Irish which has different verb 
endings and syntax from either of these two.

Finally, Welsh is in a diglossic situation with a literary variety 
and a spoken variety (Cymraeg Byw), both of which are pretty distinct.

If this is not the correct forum for these questions, please direct 
me to the appropriate venue (no flaming please).



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