IDN and language

JFC (Jefsey) Morfin jefsey at
Wed Jan 5 01:43:10 CET 2005

At 23:37 04/01/2005, John Cowan wrote:
>John C Klensin scripsit:
>I know that -- I did read 3743 first.  But in that case, whatever did
>you mean by "ICANN has created a recommendation [...]  that languages
>not be mixed within a label"?

The first question (see may yesterday mail) is to define what we are 
talking about. What is a language. You do not talk about the same thing as 

>How could it?  There is no requirement that there be a table for
>every possible language tag, after all; all existing language tags
>remain valid.  These tables are just tagged content like any other,
>though the application of the tag is different from the usual

I do not understand. What is the "usual application" ? We are talking about 
a standard?

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