draft-phillips-langtags-08, process, specifications, and extensions

Tex Texin tex at xencraft.com
Sun Jan 2 00:06:34 CET 2005


This is wrong. Sec 2.2 says "The value "i" is reserved for IANA-defined
It does not say it is exclusively used for registrations.

And in fact if you look in the registry

you will see many tags that do not start with "i".

art-lojban, az-Arab, az-Cyrl, az-Latn, cel-gaulish, de-1901, de-1996,
de-AT-1901, de-AT-1996, de-CH-1901, de-CH-1996, de-DE-1901, de-DE-1996,
en-boont, en-GB-oed, en-scouse, no-bok, no-nyn, sgn-BE-fr, sgn-BE-nl, sgn-BR,
sgn-CH-de, sgn-CO, sgn-DE, sgn-DK, sgn-ES, sgn-FR, sgn-GB, sgn-GR, sgn-IE,
sgn-IT, sgn-JP, sgn-MX, sgn-NI, sgn-NL, sgn-NO, sgn-PT, sgn-SE, sgn-US, sgn-ZA,
sl-nedis, sl-rozaj, sr-Cyrl, sr-Latn, uz-Cyrl, uz-Latn, yi-latn, zh-gan,
zh-guoyu, zh-hakka, zh-Hans, zh-Hant, zh-min, zh-min-nan, zh-wuu, zh-xiang,


Bruce Lilly wrote:
> > 1. Â All tags valid under the generative RFC 3066bis syntax could have
> > been registered, and therefore would have been valid, under RFC 3066 as
> > well.
> Not so. RFC 3066 section 2.2 specifically requires for IANA registered
> tags:
> 1. the primary subtag be "i"
> 2. the second subtag consist of 3 to 8 characters.
> The generative mechanisms have a primary subtag of 2 or 3 letters
> and a second subtag of 2 letters.
> The two sets of namespaces do not overlap, in whole or in either
> the primary or second subtag.

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