Region subtags under 3066 and 3066bis (long)

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Mon Feb 21 14:58:33 CET 2005

JFC (Jefsey) Morfin wrote:

> You used the case of FQ and soved it IMHO wrongly in quoting
> TF.

That's not the case.  I said that fr-FQ for "French as in
Kerguelen" is useless, because there's now fr-TF.  Maybe you
have a problem with ISO 3166-3, quoting Doug's source:

| FQHH ATF -v French Southern and Antarctic Territories (now
|             split between AQ and TF)

Kerguelen clearly belongs to TF.  You said that Argentina does
not acknowledge this, but I think that that's wrong.  See also

> My point is that the IETF is not in the business of
> deciding/discunting what country are or should be.

Obviously I don't agree in a few cases like AC, GG, IM, or JE,
but for languages I could certainly live without a "ccTLD" EU.

> using a political grid instead of a geographical grid to
> support linguistic table is the source of all these
> unnecessary debates.

If you actually say that 1766 / 3066 wasn't the best solution,
and that they are a major pain for any future 3066bis, then we
agree on this part.

> The order of priority of soil, blood and flag defintes the
> policy of citizenship.

That's a very sensitive issue in some countries, but it's not
necessarily related to languages:  Where I live the most common
language is tr or maybe tr-DE.

> In the case of the study of languages the priority should be
> to the soil (geographical), then to blood (emigrations), then
> flag (influence of the political sovereignty changes).

But that doesn't cover cases like tlh, eo, yi, and many others.

In another article you asked:

>> now it's split into two drafts.
> References of the two draft please?


One comment says that the singleton-ABNF is not yet finished:

That's an 2234 oddity, if you say "x" or "X" then it's always
case insensitive, therefore you need %d120 or %d88 for a case
sensitive "x" vs. "X".  A possible solution for draft-11:

 privateuse = "x" 1*("-" (1*8alphanum)) ; private use subtag(s)
 singleton  = ALPHA ; Single letters: x/X is for private use

                      Bye, Frank

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