Region subtags under 3066 and 3066bis (long)

JFC (Jefsey) Morfin jefsey at
Sun Feb 20 04:55:35 CET 2005

Dear Frank,
I am not sure about what you intended to add to the debate.
But I may have fully missed your point?

At 02:57 20/02/2005, Frank Ellermann wrote:
>JFC (Jefsey) Morfin wrote:
>  > There is also the CIA list which is of interest.
>Not really, it's based on a national standard in the US instead
>of ISO-3166.  The main differences are a bunch of uninhabited
>islands covered mostly by UM and YT (US and French islands).
>The Paracel (sp?) and the Spratly islands are irrelevant, as
>far as languages are concerned.  Anything else has obvious ISO
>3166 counterparts.

and then? Hopefully the CIA lives in the same world as us.

> > We are interested in networking people: ISO should be an help
> > not a Bible. A grassroots process may also help ISO.
>You'd probably like <> or
><> - both based
>on ccTLDs.


> > IMHO it should be related to the soil, then to the blood,
> > then to the flag.
>You are obviously not more talking about languages.  For flags
>I'd recommend <> - it's
>based on ISO 3166.


> > We are not classing people, we are trying to provide them
> > a reference grid they can use to pin their own cultural and
> > linguistic context.
>That's the "we" as in TINW if it's related to "soil and blood".


> > He said removed FQ had no problem to be included in TF, which
> > is a controversial political issue with Argentina.
>Argentina and Chile may have differences about some Antarctic
>claims, but that's not about the French claim FQ, see the map
>at <> (FQ is Terre Adélie).


> > The point was should FK be removed, where would he put the
> > former FK.
>Now you're talking about FK, but nobody proposed to remove FK.
>Or maybe you did, because you asked me whether the "Malvinas"
>are AR or GB.  And I answered that, the "Falklands" are FK.

Yes, Malvinas are FK.


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