Tex Texin tex at
Fri Feb 18 17:26:32 CET 2005


This is really quite uncalled for. You took a comment that Michael
Everson made in the context of specific wording that was used in an
email, and tried to turn it into something with a different meaning
which most everyone on this list recognizes to be completely untrue. Mr.
Everson does an excellent job thank you.

And as both the list and process looks for consensus, your accusations
of uninformed control by Mr. Everson and the surrounding lambasts of him
and the IETF are false and uncalled for.

If you are angry because you haven't been able to articulate compelling
arguments for your point of view and persuade others to agree and
support your viewpoint, then please don't resort to name calling or
taking it out on Michael or anyone else here.


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