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> >In the Mongolian case, we cannot dictate that nobody should ever
> >have, say, a terminology database in which Mongolian terms used in
> >China are distinct from Mongolian terms for the same concepts used
> >in Mongolia. In other words, we may not know of any linguistic
> >difference between "mn-Mong-MN" and "mn-Mong-CN", but we absolutely
> >cannot assert that there can never be a need for someone to
> >distinguish language resources using "mn-Mong-MN" and "mn-Mong-CN".
> So. You want to "pre-emptively" encode a distinction which may not
> ever?

Yes, just as when RFC 1766 was first drafted it was allowing for lots of
tags that might not ever occur. 

The point is, the potential need is valid, we cannot predict when a user
will encounter that need, and we cannot predict that no user will ever
encounter that need.

Peter Constable

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