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Fri Feb 18 13:06:15 CET 2005

At 07:03 -0800 2005-02-17, Peter Constable wrote:

>  >>I have given you process reasons why deciding when a country ID is
>  >>or isn't warranted is not scalable.

So... you have given me "process reasons" why deciding when a country 
ID is or isn't warranted is not able to be expanded to meet future 

I'm not a programmer, and I don't think like one, and I don't live 
and work in an environment where this kind of vocabulary use makes 
sense or where anyone uses it this way. (I don't know what a 
heuristic is, either.)

Sorry, Peter, but you've lost me.

>I gave you an explanation on Feb 12 of why something like mn-Mong-MN 
>vs. mn-Mong-CN or fr-CI vs. fr-GH may well be needed by a user AS 
>LANGUAGE TAGS, NOT AS LOCALE IDs. ISO 639-1, ISO 639-2 and RFC 3066 
>all make reference to combining country IDs with language IDs, 
>without limitation on combinations, and they are not discussing 

May well be needed? If I understand the RFC, it requires some level 
of proof that the entity exists, and I wasn't aware that we were 
supposed to be registering aliases of tags for entities.
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