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Thu Feb 17 13:17:49 CET 2005

At 09:15 -0800 2005-02-16, Peter Constable wrote:

>I cannot give you a business case for *distinguishing* between these

Then why should there be two tags?

>I have given you process reasons why deciding when a country ID is
>or isn't warranted is not scalable.

I don't know what "scalable" means. And apparently I do not 
understand what "process reasons" are.

I know what languages are, though.

>I have also given you reasons with scenarios why country IDs may be 
>needed even if descriptively there are not known to be linguistic 
>differences between what is spoken/written in country X vs. country 

Yes, but language tags tag languages, and are not portmanteaux for 
the whole locale suite.

>Admittedly, I cannot give you a scenario in which iu-Cans-CA might be
>needed since I am only aware of it being used in one country. But that
>is the sole exception among all of the tags for which I submitted
>registration forms.

There is a difference between Mongolian written in Mongolian script 
in China and  Mongolian written in Mongolian script in Mongolia? What 
is the difference?
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