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Wed Feb 16 18:15:27 CET 2005

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> What is the real, immediate business requirement to distinguish
> between iu-Cans and iu-Cans-CA?

I cannot give you a business case for *distinguishing* between these
two. I have given you process reasons why deciding when a country ID is
or isn't warranted is not scalable. I have also given you reasons with
scenarios why country IDs may be needed even if descriptively there are
not known to be linguistic differences between what is spoken/written in
country X vs. country Y.

Admittedly, I cannot give you a scenario in which iu-Cans-CA might be
needed since I am only aware of it being used in one country. But that
is the sole exception among all of the tags for which I submitted
registration forms.

Tomorrow will be two weeks since I submitted them. I trust you will be
prepared to report which you have accepted for forwarding to IANA, which
you think require further discussion to establish consensus, or which
have not been accepted due to some administrative shortcoming (with
indication of what is lacking for acceptance).

Peter Constable

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