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At 10:39 12/02/2005, Peter Constable wrote:
>"The important thing for us is not to establish precisely what every 
>distinction is (an endless task involving an ever-changing domain over 
>which different interpretations are possible), but rather to ensure that 
>the intended meaning of any tag is understood by all and for which it is 
>clear, to some minimal level, how to utilize it."

IANA registrations are for computers to use. There are no minimal level, 
there is a yes/no. With the lang3tag this understanding concerns the whole 
language without graduated level nor different possible interpretations. To 
match your pragmatic remark from your experience of reality I proposed (and 
we start using) the lang5tag format where levels and interpretations are 
included as styles and authority (because computers like positive rather 
than controvertible language).

PS. Some information on what is the IANA function may be of use. Confusion 
over the purpose of the IANA registrations would only push for this 
function to be reassigned and would only add to the pressures or decisions 
towards its management by a more widely accepted structure.
"The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority 
<>(IANA) is the central coordinator for 
the assignment of unique parameter values for Internet protocols. The IANA 
is chartered by the Internet Society (ISOC) to act as the clearinghouse to 
assign and coordinate the use of numerous Internet protocol parameters."
NTIA has a requirement for a contractor to maintain the smooth operation of 
the Internet by performing the technical functions collectively known as 
the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). The IANA technical 
functions are currently operated by the Information Sciences Institute at 
the University of Southern California pursuant to a contract with the 
Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency. In performance 
of this purchase order, the contractor shall perform the following IANA 

- Coordination of the assignment of technical protocol parameters. This 
involves the review and assignment of unique values to various parameters 
(e.g., operation codes, port numbers, object identifiers, protocol numbers) 
used in various Internet protocols. This function also includes the 
dissemination of the listings of assigned parameters through various means 
(including on-line publication) and the review of technical documents for 
consistency with assigned values.

- Administrative functions associated with root management. This function 
involves facilitation and coordination of the root zone of the domain name 
system. It includes receiving requests for and making routine updates of 
ccTLD contact and nameserver information. It also includes receiving 
delegation and redelegation requests, investigating the circumstances 
pertinent to those requests, and reporting on the requests. This function, 
however, does not include authorizing modifications, additions, or 
deletions to the root zone file or associated information that constitute 
delegation or redelegation of top-level domains. The purchase order award 
will not alter root system responsibilities defined in Amendment 11 of the 
Cooperative Agreement.

- Allocation of IP address blocks. This involves overall responsibility for 
the allocation of IPv4 and IPv6 address space. It includes delegations of 
IP address blocks to regional registries for routine allocation, typically 
through downstream providers, to Internet end-users within the regions 
served by those registries. It also includes reservation and direct 
allocation of space for special purposes, such as multicast addressing, 
cable blocks, addresses for private networks as described in RFC 1918, and 
globally specified applications.

- Other services. The contractor will perform other IANA functions as 
needed upon request of DOC. These functions may include the performance of 
periodic functions or supplemental functions identified by the contractor 
as part of the three (3) month performance progress report.

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