Curmudgeonly response to the zh-Han* registrations

Harald Tveit Alvestrand harald at
Thu Feb 10 14:32:09 CET 2005


I just want to remind people that registration of tags will follow RFC 3066 
until 3066bis is accepted. While I have accepted the argument for the 
generative mechanism envisioned there, I still claim that the 3066 ruleset 
does NOT permit registration of tags where the references do not contain 
information sufficient to distinguish the "language" being registered from 
other tags.


>    Note: The purpose of the "published description" is intended as an
>    aid to people trying to verify whether a language is registered, or
>    what language a particular tag refers to.  In most cases, reference
>    to an authoritative grammar or dictionary of the language will be
>    useful; in cases where no such work exists, other well known works
>    describing that language or in that language may be appropriate.  The
>    language tag reviewer decides what constitutes a "good enough"
>    reference material.

In the case of multiple references giving *exactly the same* reference 
material, I would like to insist that AT LEAST the references contain 
chapter or section numbers to the parts of the works that describe how one 
tag differs from the other.

                Harald, curmudgeon

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