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Dont you really think this discussion preparing the registration of these 
IANA language tags should not involve,
- Aida Radielovic and Senan Dervisevic from the University Teleinformatic 
Centre (UTIC) in Sarajevo for the members of the Internet community of Bosnia,
- Bernard Turcotte and the Technical Manager of the CIRA in Ottawa for the 
members of the Internet community of Canada,
- Timur Hasanov and Khalil Rakhmanov of the Information Technology Center 
of Dushanbe for the members of the Internet community of Tajikistan ?

I do think they should be informed of the existence of this non IETF and non 
ICANN list, which reviews the languages tags submitted to the IESG 
designated reviewer, for registration by the IANA. I think they should be 
able to document the way they plan to support the corresponding IDN Tables.

At 07:23 05/02/2005, Peter Constable wrote:

> > From: John Cowan [mailto:jcowan at]
> > The remaining language-script-and-country tags are bs-Cyrl-BA,
> > iu-Cans-CA, iu-Latn-CA, tg-Arab-TJ, and tg-Cyrl-TJ.  I think these
> > all have the same problem we've been discussing with iu-Cans-CA: no
> > evidence available that the country codes are anything but redundant.
>Tajikistan is reportedly used in Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
>Russia, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Tajik speakers in these
>various countries live in contact with other language communities, with
>different external influences depending on the country they live in. You
>really think there's no distinctions?
>Peter Constable
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