Language X within scope of language Y

John Cowan jcowan at
Wed Feb 2 13:55:08 CET 2005

L.Gillam scripsit:

> And ISO 3166 contains country codes, yes? But not for England, Scotland
> and Wales.

ISO 3166 contains codes for the entities that the UN Statistics Division
chooses to treat as countries.  Not all are sovereign states; not all
things that are not sovereign states have codes.

> So, despite the CIA, amongst other sources
> ( if you really want to
> consider historic connotations, or issues like tagging for language
> resources across history, for example Newton's Opticks, first published
> in 1704 before the 1707 and 1801 acts of union), declaring England to
> be a country/nation, it does not have a country code.

There's no code for the Austro-Hungarian Empire either.  Historical
nations are something we just don't handle right now.

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