Proposed new subtags, when the time comes

Michael Everson everson at
Sat Dec 10 12:37:54 CET 2005

At 22:53 -0800 2005-12-09, Doug Ewell wrote:

>I don't mind the work.  In a way, though, we're talking about two 
>different things here: (1) the format the Reviewer uses for 
>submitting new subtags, in this case the compulsory ones based on 
>core standards, and (2) the request form used by individual 
>submitters to submit proposed (perhaps just-invented) subtags to 
>ietf-languages for discussion.  If the Reviewer approves a new 
>subtag submitted in format (2), he submits the new record to IANA in 
>format (1).

Um, that sucks. Currently the Reviewer receives a proposal and when 
he approves it he forwards it with very little editing to IANA. Is 
this to change?
Michael Everson *

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